Bowbridge Ekundu Makhosa - "Makhosa"



Born: 19/8/2013

Makhosa has an impeccable pedigree and is the son of "Heshima Ya Kimba Energy Of Red" (Born in South Africa, then exported to Germany) and "Bowbridge Mfumos Zawardi".

Makhosa has proved to be a successful stud dog with his first litter due January 2015.

Makhosa has a huge personality and is the baby of the bunch, and not meaning the youngest! He is a very soft and affectionate boy who is loved dearly!

Makhosa's favourite thing to do is sing to a squeaking ball! He also loves to run along the beach and chase after our motorbike!





















S  Heshima Ya Kimba Energy Of Red S  Karoskloof Bayezana Naka S  Kulima Love That Red of Karoskloof S  Globe's Roving Red Regent
D  Tatsfield Red Regent Charm Of
D  Karos Nomsa of Karoskloof S  Pronkberg Matange
D  Camelia
D  Heshima Ya Kimba Chakanyuka S  Bango S  Filmaker's Never Surrender
D  Keenya Artes Blossom of Zeus
D  Heshima Ya Kimba Ashari S  Rydgway African Hunter
D  Bella - Kimba
D  Bowbridge Mfumos Zawardi S  Marsabit Mfumo S  Marsabit Madahiro S  Trezidge Uekoto
D  Sebakwe Shirazze
D  Ulundi Ushaba S  Shangara Checheni
D  Hawarden Clarissa of Ulundi
D  Bowbridge Gosh I'm Cool S  Macumazahn Tragically Hip S  Rijstone Diesel N Dust
D  Macumazahn Class Action
D  Bowbridge Zovesa Mallory S  Veldthund Sabre
D  Marsabit Mftini


Contact Details

Jane Robinson
Kendenup, WA, Australia
Phone : 0407 427577
Email : [email protected]